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Re: Signing-milter - are postfix tampering with messages?

Sebastian Nielsen:

I have a problem with signing-milter (http://www.signing-milter.org)

I setup a separate ML some weeks ago.
Visit the updated homepage (https://signing-milter.org) for more information.

that seem to be that postfix “sabotage” the
signed mail in its post-processing by doing something with the newlines.

No. We are signing thousand of messages per day and no receiver is complaining about invalid signatures.
( signing-milter-20130311 + postfix-[2.x.y ... 3.0.0] )

As Wietse & Claus mentioned it's likely your input is not well formatted: garbage in -> garbage out.

the B flag is described as:
Causes signing-milter to not break headerlines after a ; Header lines
moved inside a mime-container while signing must not be longer then 76 characters. This switch disables the autobreak before signing.

-b is perfect to /generate/ garbage. I consider to remove that switch in a future release.